A Canadian University recently took the headlines because of an incident of sexual harassment and verbal sexual assault on fellow female students. This incident was by a number of 4th year male graduate students in their dental school. Unfortunately, there are abundant situations that represent sexual misconduct, from verbal sexual assault to physical sexual assault, on females of all ages. The majority of these attacks have little or no consequences for their deplorable conduct.

I was recently interviewed by a national news station and asked; “Why do men behave that way? What is this all about?”

My response; “They do it because they can! Consciously or unconsciously, the male dominated power structures in our society sanctions such behavior.” Rarely are there punitive consequences for such actions at all levels in our society:
– At all levels of our schools
– Workplaces
– Government
– Military
– Private businesses

Most of my Clients at Supportive Counselling Services are female. Females experience more problems in a male dominated structure and are ready to talk and try to resolve their issues. It’s time for males to start talking and resolving their issues.