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Youth Therapy & Parenting Counselling in Halifax, NS

Providing parents and youth with tools to navigate through difficult times.

Active and Respectful Parenting

Helping children become separate, responsible people who can one day function on their own is the goal of parents. To set them up for success, we must encourage happy, healthy interaction within their daily lives.  At Supportive Counselling Services, we can help you learn positive and non-violent communication skills so you may work through conflict in a healthy manner.

Staying actively involved in the life of our pre-teens and teens is one of the greatest challenges as a parent. At a time when family communication and mutual respect are most needed, parents and teens are often forced to live in confusion and emotional isolation. Let us assist you in preparing your pre-teens and teens to courageously and responsibly face the challenges of young people growing up in today’s world.

Youth Therapy

We understand that growing up can be a challenging and isolating experience at times.  Supportive Counselling Services offers a safe space where youth can feel comfortable opening up and expressing their thoughts, emotions and fears.

With the increased use of social media, our youth are experiencing an increase in anxiety, depression and self-esteem issues. Our youth behaviour counsellors understand the issues that our pre-teens and teens are faced with.  Our counsellors can help to rebuild their confidence and provide them with a toolkit of healthy coping strategies to take into their daily lives.  Through early intervention, our youth counsellors can help pre-teens and teens to effectively manage the stresses of the modern world and live a balanced, happy lifestyle.

Youth Therapy at Supportive Counselling focuses on:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Control
  • Peer Pressure (Sex, Drugs, etc.)
  • Conflict resolution
  • Relationships
  • Bullying (social media)
  • Learning Problems

Supportive Counselling Services offers a safe space for both parents and youth to express their thoughts and emotions, while developing the skills to navigate through life’s challenges.

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Supportive Counselling Services believes that building confidence and empowering our clients is the cornerstone of our practice.