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Support for Stress in the Workplace in Halifax, NS

Resolving conflict and managing stress in the workplace

Stress in the workplace can affect both your physical and mental health.  It can leave you feeling exhausted and negatively impact your life.  At Supportive Counselling Services, our counsellors can help you to identify stressors and teach you coping techniques and strategies to help manage your stress.

Whether it be a difficult co-worker, heavy workload, discrimination or harassment, managing job stress requires more than just shrugging off a bad day at work.  We can help to identify the issues causing your anxiety and provide you with techniques and strategies that will allow you to live a more meaningful and present home life.

Racism and Discrimination in the workplace

Supportive Counselling Services understands and takes on the key issues that impact Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) individuals in their daily and professional lives. Workplace discrimination and systemic racism are ongoing issues.  Our knowledgeable and compassionate approach to racism in the workplace will allow you to open up and express your feelings in a safe and understanding environment.

Supportive Counselling Services focuses on:

  • Handling Workplace Pressure
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Clarifying Roles & Expectations
  • Controlling the Workload
  • Managing People Pressures
  • Working with Difficult People
  • Surviving the Changing Workplace
  • Building a Positive Productive Environment
  • Verbal Aggression
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Supportive Counselling Services believes that building confidence and empowering our clients is the cornerstone of our practice.