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Couples Therapy and Marriage Counselling in Halifax, NS

Helping couples to build healthy and more satisfying relationships

Marriage counselling and couples therapy at Supportive Counselling Services can help you to identify the issues within your relationship and move forward in a healthy, supportive environment.  Couples and marriage counselling sessions can help you reconnect with your partner and build back trust.

At Supportive Counselling Services, we understand that relationships take work, and we are here to support you through your obstacles.  By learning to open up communication and change unhealthy patterns, our marriage counselling sessions offer a dynamic approach to help you better define what form your marriage should take.

Whether you would like to receive pre-marital or marriage counselling, we can help you to open up the lines of communication so you may reconnect in a deeper, more meaningful way. Marriage Counselling sessions will help to revitalize your relationship.

Couples Therapy at Supportive Counselling Services focuses on:

  • Trust Issues – Identifying key areas of mistrust and rebuilding the foundation to a healthier, more satisfying relationship
  • Betrayal and Infidelity – Develop strategies to repair the trust and work through potential triggers
  • Lack of communication – Recognize unhealthy patterns and open up the lines of communication
  • Conflict Resolution – Learning healthy communication strategies.
  • Intimacy – Identify the issues holding you back and learn tools to allow you to comfortably open up and express vulnerability

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